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Wow, this is fantastic Greg Strom. We must choose to focus on love, compassion, kindness and empathy rather than all the fear and anger of traditional media.
Karen L.

Love it, Greg. Sending the message of peace, caring for others and inspiring others is what we need at the moment in the world. Thank you Greg.
Fiona C.

I haven’t even finished listening but had to tell you I’m shivering and jumping with excitement with this podcast. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Louise L.

I am a Mother who also lost her daughter; she was also the middle child of three. This is truly a magical story [Podcast 4: One Heartbeat] and gives hope to find that magic in life – that beating heart that lives on and connects all of us to each other. With Infinite Love and Gratitude, I thank you Greg for sharing this story of love, hope and joy!
Deborah F.

Thanks, Greg, for the great podcast. Like many others, brings tears to my eyes. Thanks again for your great website and blogs.
Caroline B.

Great message, Greg. I mean really. Nobody told me this. I mean nobody really told me this with passion and conviction so that I really listened so that I believed in myself. Kids and adults need to hear this everyday. What you’re doing is so needed. keep it up brother. Good job man!
Keith H.

Thanks for a very positive message Greg. For sure it can seem like life has us by the throat at times. Appreciate what you are doing to make a difference, sharing the message of hope, love and compassion.
Rob T.

Thanks Greg! This just what I needed today.
Elaine M.

This is so great Greg! Excited to be a part of your Army!
Kirsty M.

Great inspiration and a very healthy way to live! I was having a bit of a tough day today, then your podcast was there for me to digest. Thanks, Greg.
Brian C.

Wonderful way to engage people Greg. Onward and Upward with your ever expanding Vision. Blessings!
Bev A.

Thanks The Mile That Matters – plugging into you this week has been a personal godsend for me this week!
Robyn E.

I’ve just listened to all of your podcasts. Thank you Greg – what an inspiration! Your podcast came around at the right time for me. It certainly has helped to turn my thinking around and assisted me to raise my vibration considerably – after 6 months of being in a “dark space”. I have written my goals, my aspirations, my desires and I am now more than determined to make this all work!!
Rene L.

You’re awesome. Yahoo could learn a lot from you. Our world will be a much better place because of you and what you are doing. Mega Kudos.
Larry S.

Amazing Greg – thanks so much for sharing that. That’s one free hug I will remember for a long time!
Phil P.

Podcast #5: Law Of Attraction is just magnificent. I’m so touched and moved by this story. Your words and experiences just resonated with my soul. Simple brilliant! You are indeed a very special person and your love for humanity shines through. Thank you … in helping to make this awesome podcast possible. More importantly, thank you for shining this beautiful light into what can sadly be a dark world for so many.
Portia D.

Wow. As I started to write more, I realize there is too much to say about how we can all benefit by treating others – better for a short reply. So I’ll just repeat myself. Wow. Proud to be a Member in The Mile That Matters Army… We Can Make A Difference!
Cliff H.