Whether we are aware of it or not, there is an incredible interactive communication going on, before our very eyes, that most of the time we can’t see. Many of the things we value most in life are simply The Unseen. But there is a scientific basis and proof for their existence. Knowing what this is, and how it works, gives us a huge advantage when considering how to improve our lives. And it’s essential information for creating our best life possible. We discuss this, and much, much more in Podcast 9: The Unseen. Enjoy!

In this podcast, the most amazing, true story of an autism breakthrough! A scientific basis for an Ambient Intelligence! Three incredible books and several awesome movies featuring The Unseen! A brilliant man’s ultimate challenge! What’s the real value of values? And more …

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3 comments on “Podcast 9: The Unseen”

  1. Portia D Reply

    Hi Greg ~ you continue to amaze! This is a very interesting podcast…fascinating information about the Ambient Intelligence, “The Unseen”. I continue to be impressed and educated by the material you broadcast and look forward to each new episode. I wholeheartedly agree with Paul’s comment! How unfortunate that those who need this material the most aren’t open to it. I will also continue to share and spread this most valuable, inspirational and uplifting podcast with those who are open.

  2. Paul M Reply

    Wow Greg! This site continues to go further than I can anticipate, and it reaches out to us all in ways that can’t be foreseen until we hear the full presentations. It’s a shame that some of those who need this material the most are the ones that are not open to it. We’ll continue to share this as much as we can. Armies fighting for the right cause can conquer, you know!

  3. Jennifer B Reply

    Fantastic description of how it all works! That is EVERYTHING!!! Thanks Greg. Fun and USEFUL!

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