Paul Smith was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy. Yet he has managed to create incredible artistic masterpieces using an old-school typewriter. They’re not what you might imagine, and simply not to be believed! Paul Smith travels The Mile That Matters. Check out his amazing work in the video below.

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4 comments on “People are Amazing: The Man Who Types Masterpieces!”

  1. Robyn E Reply

    What an amazing man Paul truly is. I am in awe of that talent of his. He is so right, “What are you good at?” What an example of just going out and doing what you have passion and talent for, embracing it and going all out!

  2. Colton S. Reply

    What a beautiful man! Someone living with such disability has learned to express himself far more than most people ever do.

  3. Cliff Reply

    This is a wonderful story. God gave Paul an amazing gift, I agree. His sharing it, is a gift to everyone else and an inspiration. It may make you think before you say “I can’t” ever again.

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