Sometimes people’s creativity really blows my mind. It’s the wonderful ability to see what is possible within the common and typical. Watch this short video as master woodworker Soren creates something quite elegant, simple, minimalist and beautiful out of a short section of log. Brings a new meaning to the term “natural light.” :)

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5 comments on “People Are Amazing: Soren the Woodworker!”

  1. Alison Reply

    Such amazing talent, taking the picture in his mind into physical form.

  2. Louise L. Reply

    Geez! What surgically-steady hands! What patience! What focus! That surely didn’t happen overnight. A bit of fairy dust and a lot of mastery, for sure. Watching Soren has stretched my imagination to look for the magic in the mundane.

  3. Kym K Reply

    This had me captivated – wow what an amazing example of seeing the possibility in a block of would – lovely metaphor for life – we all have a beautiful “lamp shade” within. Thanks for sharing Greg – really insightful.

  4. Carrie Reply

    I just could’t figure out what he was making, a bowl, a planter? Then as it got thinner, I still didn’t have an idea. Until he placed it on the lamp…Simply gorgeous! “I’m In!”

  5. Brianna Reply

    Wow!!! I would love a piece like that in my own reading room, absolutely beautiful.

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