Riley Strom's Gallery (whoop!)

Riley Strom’s Art Gallery (whoop!)

This is a unashamedly proud father moment: my daughter, Riley’s art gallery in New York was written up in the New York TImes as one of the galleries to visit in NYC! It’s called the 99 Cent Plus Gallery! How great is that? Congrats, Riley Strom!

Stop by and say hi when you’re in Brooklyn. Please click on this link to the article.

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7 comments on “People Are Amazing: My Daughter, Riley!”

  1. Debbie R Reply

    BIG congrats to Riley!!! There is nothing as special as watching our children find happiness and success in life!!!!

  2. Sara Reply

    That is seriously AMAZING!!! And then, again, no surprise when she has a Dad like you :)

  3. Andre Reply

    Amazing is frankly an understatement! keep up the good work baby girl. we love you………..

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