Wow! I mean, come on! Really? Would you do this?

Riding his mountain bike, Danny Macaskill takes on the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The video is 7 minutes long – please hang with it to the end. The rider point-of-view footage from the very top is not to be believed! People are amazing; Danny Macaskill certainly is!

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4 comments on “People are Amazing: Incredible Bike Rider Danny Macaskill!”

  1. Jennifer B Reply

    Wow! beautiful! Ive walked along cliffs and paths like that in Nepal, in the shadow of Mount Everest and K2, along with the zopkyos (half cow-half yak) with their ringing cow bells around their necks and sure footed walk. BUT I WOULD NEVER RIDE A BIKE along those paths. It brouch back lots of memories of the Himalayas for me. He is an awesome guy!

  2. Wendy Reply

    That is just incredible! I love the flip he does over the fence while riding his bike (among all the other just amazing things)!

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