There are acts of kindness and generosity taking place every moment of every day all across this planet. Watch as these two nurses brighten the day of a young cancer patient! Simple and profound. The joy they give this little girl is contagious – just try watching this without smiling!

Remember these three when you’re having a tough day. This is how you break through.

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3 comments on “People Are Amazing: Dancing Nurses Brighten Cancer Patient’s Day!”

  1. Jennifer B Reply

    Cancer nurses are some of the most special people in the world. They care for you professionally all the while remaining up beat and cheery knowing that you will be drawing strength from them and they cannot be any other way. I have oceans of gratitude for them and their work.

  2. Lucy H. Reply

    This made my heart sing! Lovely post Greg. Laughter IS the BEST medicine is so much more than a saying!

    I nursed for many years and my favourite film Patch Adams was/is the most inspirational reminder for me of just how human compassion and the art of true empathy is found at the heart of every REAL nurse. Nursing when done properly and from the heart is so much more than simply delivery of care. Understanding the vital importance state of mind can play on a person young or old should be an integral part of healthcare training. Like Patch I was often metaphorically rapped on the knuckles by the hierarchy for my antics and my sense of humour with my patients – I quietly ignored each and every one of their outdated ill informed rants on every occasion and continued to use humour as often as I could because my patients loved it, were happy, felt cared for and trusted that I was truly on their side. This level of involvement of course also produced a wonderful byproduct. Nursing is by it’s very nature an intensely emotional and often sad profession with high levels of stress. You can’t bring happiness to someone else without it also helping you and so I think it often helped me cope in a notoriously unsupported profession when particularly difficult cases arose. I left nursing ten years ago but still use humour at every given opportunity especially as a tool to assist me as a parent!

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