Please check out our first post in our new, “People Are Amazing” segment. In these posts we celebrate the creative, wonderful, unusual – but always amazing – ways that humans express themselves. This is a great way to travel The Mile That Matters. People can be so cool!

In this video, a man creates a new and innovative way to appreciate when it rains. Enjoy!

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7 comments on “People Are Amazing: Art When It Rains!”

  1. Paul M Reply

    Uplifting. Kinda like old-school photography – creating a positive out of a negative – do ya get it…!

  2. Joylin B Reply

    Never giving up on what is possible! So inspired by Carly’s parents, caregivers and most of all Carly! How she turned her learning challenges into an opportunity to help others understand the world of Autism is simply beautiful.

  3. Lise R Reply

    This is so cool! What a great way to change the way we see rain :) There is always a positive side if we choose to see it.

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