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Do you want a better life? Join the Army! You will experience many different, unexpected benefits.

Just ask Member #62, Cliff H., who emailed this recently:
Wow. As I started to write more, I realize there is too much to say about how we can all benefit by treating others better for a short reply. So I’ll just repeat myself. Wow. Proud to be a Member in The Mile That Matters Army… We Can Make A Difference!

Daily kindness is king. It’s what creates that fantastic feeling of being alive and a part of the dynamic energy of life. So The Mile That Matters has created an Army dedicated to kindness, compassion and empathy across the planet. Would you like to join us? If so, please click below, fill in your details and your name will appear in the list below – add a link for others to find out more about you if you choose.

If you’re like others who frequent this site, you’ve had your fill of the dominating few. You’re tired of bullies and their destructive efforts. The true fact is these types of people are only a very small percentage on the planet. They are a vast minority – estimated at only 2 or 3 percent of the general population. So they have little option but to survive by being the loudest or most manipulative, ruling by cunning, deception, intimidation and fear.

The majority can rise up to challenge and override this negative influence. It happens daily through acts of kindness and generosity from individuals everywhere. Wonderful examples of this can be found on our Free Hugs Blog. These are the actions of The Mile That Matters Army.

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded individuals who believe in spreading kindness and generosity at every opportunity, you’ve found it – this is what The Mile That Matters Army is all about: literally changing the world, one action at a time, all around the world, as a single-minded community.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please register below by filling in your details and your name will appear on this list – with a custom link if you like. There’s no obligation. We’ll send you updates when we add content so you can keep tabs on what amazing things are happening. Please join the fun by commenting and posting about what a fantastic difference you’re making, so we can all share in the love you spread.

Meet the growing number of  Mile That Matters Army members below. Click on their names to view more about them (those that are highlighted).

Riley S          Lundie S          Greg B.          Kirsty M.          Elaine M.          Fay L.         Mike H.         Sara A.
Carrie M.         Max S.          Karen L.          Carrie W.          Kym K.          Cathy R.          Mary E.          Cathy H. G.
Peter W.          Jennifer B.          Tracy M.          Claire W.          Brianna B.          Joey G.          Ann-Maree M.
Sylvester H.          Debbie R.          Paul W.          Debra S.          Cathy C.          Carmel S.          Louise L.
Bruce L.          Colin G.          Shani C.          Phil P.          Jay W.          Stephanie M.          Colton S.          Michael C.
Andre G.          Kara W.          Michael B. (Bart)          Susan B.          Jennifer H.          Darryl M.          Portia D.
Maureen B.          Susan D.          Shane K.          Rachel K.          Michael B.          Rene          Irene C.          Valarie T.
Anna F.          Jay R.          Sarah E.          Lee M.          Kerryl W.          Bev A.          Tina V.          Jane G.          Caroline B.
Zandile S.          Annette P.          Cliff H.          Peter M.          Eileen M.          Chrissy G.          Larry S.          Lucy H.
Robert T.          Gai P.          Connie V.          Kim G.          Neil M.          Rabbiah D.          Susan H.          Michael B.
Arni B.          
Charlene F.          Sharon C.          Bronwyn M.          George M.          Celly B.          James W.
Michelle M.          Donna K.          Sylvia T.          Rachael T.          Melanie P.          Alex B.          Erol K.          Floris C.
Elisia C.          Marley M.          Sunshine27          Loma R.          Robert S.          Niamh G.          Joylin B.          Helen J.
Kyrsten B.          Angie          Georgiana A.          Keith H.          Paul M.          Anthony D.          Deborah B.
Kelly D.          Donald H.          Carol N.          Ailsa H.          Minda Jo L.          Chris B.          Roz V.          Robyn E.
Jeremy R.          Ruth          Larissa M.          Janet G.          Janine B.          Anna N.          Don M.          Michael M.
Lise R.          Sharyn N.          Tom O.          Lisa N.          Jacquie H.          Phil H.          Denise H.          Sandy G.
Magick S.          Yolanda V.          Bridget B.          Debra T.          Madge T.          Tanja C.          Natasha M.
Stuart P.          Rosemary L.          Shaan Tahu.          Fiona C.          Christy H.          Jodie C.          Alison W.
Zinah S.          Jeni          Jenny C.          Lance H.          Susan H.          Brenda L.          Jodie W.          Linda R.
Nina          Paul W.          Paul H.          Beth H.          Graham C.          Frederick B.          Peter O.          Lyn E.          
Eldero H.          Alex F.          Duane M.          Denise E.          Kerran N.          Padma