When a high school basketball team refuses to play an opponent, we usually expect the worst. A lack of healthy players, foul play or even … cheating.

But watch what happens when Vanguard College Prep in Waco, Texas won’t take the floor against the Gainesville Tornadoes – for the most amazing and awesome reason! These kids really get it! Competition with compassion is an incredible combination.

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3 comments on “Free Hugs: To Play, Or Not To Play!”

  1. Jennifer B Reply

    How awesome is this!!! I love hearing about how generous people can be. Small gestures make a BIG difference in peoples lives! Especially people who need encouragement and are working on being the best they can be under difficult circumstances!

    Thanks for sharing Greg! Look forward to your posts and they never disappoint!

  2. Portia DiMcco Reply

    What a beautiful gift to give to those young men. The gift of inspiration, encouragement and recognition, it’s priceless especially in this case. I applaud those two young men for Vanguard College for their kindness and generosity. They are true leaders who exemplify the meaning of word sportsmanship. Bravo!

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