Shannon Weber writes love notes. Lots and lots of love notes! She goes on secret missions with her family or friends and puts them in places for all the world to see.

Q: Why do you give out love notes?
A: Because I feel alive when I do it.

Big thanks to for the heads up on this video. You’re awesome!

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9 comments on “Free Hugs: The Love Note Writer!”

    • Greg Strom Reply

      You are so awesome, Shannon! You are a perfect example of The Mile That Matters! Thanks for taking the time to check in – you’re always welcome! And, yes, we love you, too! :)

    • Tina Reply

      Very inspirational!! A great new, breath of fresh air, for LIFE!!! Thank you so much! Came definitely at a time I needed it most :)

  1. Peter W Reply

    Sometimes it is the simple things we forget to say everyday and this lady has certainly brought that to life. Thanks Greg.

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