One never knows where the influence of their labor may lead. Dashrath Manjhi, a poor workman from Bihar, India, found out the hard(work) way.

The poor laborer wanted his people to have access to doctors, jobs, education, and opportunities. But their tiny town was bordered by a mountain that kept them isolated and disconnected. One day, when his wife was climbing the mountain to bring him food, she fell down and became injured. He got an idea that was called “crazy” and “mad” by his fellow townsfolk. Dashrath sold 3 goats to buy the hammer and chisel needed to break into the 300 foot mountain – BY HIMSELF! See the incredible story of a man who toiled for 22 years with only a hammer, chisel, and crowbar to carve a road so the people from his village could access doctors, schools and jobs!

If this isn’t going The Mile That Matters, nothing is! Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Free Hugs: Poor Laborer, Now Beloved Legend!”

  1. Jennifer B Reply

    Life is so harsh for some people. What an amazing man! How humble do I feel!!!!
    So glad to see girls in the class room. Thanks Greg for finding and sharing this gem!

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