When Natalie wrote to the New York City Ballet to see if they might host a day for special needs children – so her daughter might experience the world of dance – she didn’t expect a response. What she received, however, was the gift of a lifetime for 19 children. Touching and inspiring, this short video shows what it was like for these children to become ballerinas for a day in New York’s Lincoln Center!

A big thank you to upworthy.com for this video. You are awesome!

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3 comments on “Free Hugs: Natalie’s Letter!”

  1. Louise L. Reply

    Children allowed to be their Future Selves! Great to see and feel their joy explode and their bodies follow their hearts.

  2. Susan Bools Reply

    I’m sitting here with tears welling up in my eyes. I’ve always loved ballet, dance of all kinds and to see what these workshops were doing for these children touched my heart. What a life changing experience for all, the children, their parents and for the dancers. They all got out of their comfort zone and saw just what could be accomplished. How much good could be done if this could be replicated all over.

  3. Kerryle Reply

    We take so much for granted,what a delight to watch the children become free in there own body.An annual occurrence would be remarkable for the children.

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