What started out 60 years ago as an act of kindness to a local kid has become an enduring friendship. Check out how this Lansing, Michigan firehouse has made an incredible difference in the life of Tony, the (almost) firefighter. Kindness is king!

For more stories of kindness, give a listen to our Podcast 3: One Of A Kind.

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5 comments on “Free Hugs: Meet Tony the (Almost) Firefighter!”

  1. Louise L. Reply

    Wow. Laundry? Bathing? 3 cheers for the big-hearted guys at the Lansing MI fire department! You made my day and showed me what real friendship is.

  2. Carrie W Reply

    Thank you, Greg! For those of us with a “special needs” adult/child, we so want to see natural friendships develop. Thank you for a great mile that matters!

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