Several years ago Mark Bustos visited the Philippines and saw first hand the plight of the poor and homeless. Moved with compassion, he chose to use his talent as a pro hairstylist to offer free haircuts to the homeless. Watch what happens when he encounters a proud man of Apache Indian heritage who has never allowed his hair to be cut before.

Mark, what you are doing is valuable. You are awesome!

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2 comments on “Free Hugs: Haircuts For The Homeless!”

  1. Ann-Maree M Reply

    I’m from the salon industry myself and so love the Street Cuts movement that’s gathering momentum across the world. Being able to reach out to a total stranger on the street to win their trust and then to be given the green light to touch their hair is such an intimate moment. A hair cut is the beginning of transforming a person’s identity and sense of self.#streetcuts #living an inspiredlife#

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