9/11. Unbelievable and unconscionable. An enemy attack on foreign soil, or an astounding deception of unprecedented proportions. Regardless of what you believe happened that day, heroes chose their path and summoned the courage to act. Please take a few moments to watch this clip from “Boatlift” – it may just restore your hope in a loving and caring humanity in the midst of crisis. Narrated by Tom Hanks.

Doing the right thing isn’t always this risky, but it IS always this necessary.

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5 comments on “Free Hugs: Boatlift”

  1. Susan Bools Reply

    Tears. Memories. Pride in what we, as humans, can do for each other. Pain that it happened. And belief that we will always stand fast, that we will never be beaten down.

  2. Kerryle Reply

    Wow first time I have heard and seen this boatlift story, Truly amazing how the human race can pull together on autopilot with one of the greatest disaster.It took me back in time with tears of sadness, and over come by joy with generosity and big hearts of all concerned. Now that is the random act of kindness we talk about and bring about.

  3. Carrie Reply

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this. Incredibly powerful – brought me to tears! I just want to give all of the boat captains a big hug of gratitude for their love, courage and compassion.

  4. Rene Reply

    Hey there Greg, thank you for reminding us of all those wonderful people who were so courageous in helping others in such a tragic situation. We salute them with pride. For me who has never been to the USA, let alone Manhattan – I would never have known about the Boatlift if you did not share this story. What an inspiration – I thank you. Respect!

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