How many of your have dreamed of being a Superhero? Of utilizing your awesome superpowers to heal the sick, assist those in need, snuff out evil and just be a general, cool all around person for truth, justice and the … global way. Well, I know I have. Still do, to some extent! :)

Check out this awesome video of how the superhero in these children is nurtured and encouraged – and feel your own powers grow! Who knows? Maybe Elvis the Eagleboy, the Whisperer or Walking Flame may save your day someday! Enjoy!

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10 comments on “Free Hugs: Awaken the Superhero In You!”

  1. Kym Kennedy Reply

    Absolutely brilliant – every child deserves to be a super hero.
    I recently reconnected with my super hero – Kympossible – it feels amazing to know how powerful we are and all the potential we have to make a difference. Love these gorgeous children and their belief in themselves.

  2. Carrie Reply

    SO Awesome!! Thankyou for sharing.

    Love this from one of the teachers – “dreams with effort can turn into reality”.

  3. Jennifer Berensen Reply

    Just super lovely Greg! Cute little darlings discovering their own strength and creativity. Awesome. Thanks super you!

  4. Yolanda Reply

    Thank you Greg!! What a special way to start the day ? My day is just getting better and better!!! Very touching and inspiring message!! Hugs to you.

  5. Alison W Reply

    I love this. Imagine if everyone had this. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to do this with my daughter.

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