Feature Length Documentary

Feature Length Documentary


What do you get when you cross a hilarious stand-up comedian with the residents of a Homeless Shelter, an AIDS Clinic, a Youth Jail and a Home For Abused Children?

An inspirational, funny and incredibly touching movie!

Comedy: The Road Less Traveled is a feature-length documentary starring well-known and beloved comedian Michael Jr. After performing a live show in an intimate California comedy club, Michael got some fresh air outside, where he locked eyes with a homeless man across the street. He wondered what might have happened if that man had been in his audience that night? Would he have enjoyed the show? Shared a laugh? Might it have brightened his evening in some meaningful way?

Acting on this idea, the kind-hearted comic mustered the courage (and the material!) to take “the funny” to those in society who perhaps need it most: the homeless, kids in jail, abused children and patients with AIDS. Many hadn’t had a belly laugh in years. What happened is funny… and very touching.

This comedy is no joke!

I had the pleasure of Editing and Co-Producing (with Michael Jr.) the film. To check out more of Michael Jr’s. excellent comedy and personal outreach, please visit Michaeljr.com. Thanks so much, Michael Jr!

Please feel free to share this movie with anyone you feel might benefit. Your comments are welcome directly by email to me at gstrom128@gmail.com. I hope you find the film valuable and helpful to you, or someone you love.

Executive Producer: Shane Krider    Producers: Michael Jr. and Greg Strom    Director: Michael Jr.   Editor: Greg Strom
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Thank you so much Greg, Shane and Michael Jr. for making this doc available to us. It really got me, like how the kids in jail were saying that everyone deserves to laugh. That choked me up. And how Spiderman Ronin revealed his true identity and romped all over the stage. Miraculous. I never thought laughter could be so equalizing and pivotal. I learned something precious today.
Louise L.