Feature Length Documentary - Watch Here For Free

Feature Length Documentary – Watch Here For Free

What do you get when you cross a hilarious stand-up comedian with the residents of a Homeless Shelter, an AIDS Clinic, a Youth Jail and a Home For Abused Children?

An inspirational, funny and incredibly touching movie!  Watch it here now, for free!

Comedy: The Road Less Traveled is a feature-length documentary starring well-known and beloved comedian Michael Jr. After performing a live show in an intimate California comedy club, Michael got some fresh air outside, where he locked eyes with a homeless man across the street. He wondered what might have happened if that man had been in his audience that night? Would he have enjoyed the show? Shared a laugh? Might it have brightened his evening in some meaningful way?

Acting on this idea, the kind-hearted comic mustered the courage (and the material!) to take “the funny” to those in society who perhaps need it most: the homeless, kids in jail, abused children and patients with AIDS. Many hadn’t had a belly laugh in years. What happened is funny… and very touching.

This comedy is no joke!

I had the pleasure of Editing and Co-Producing (with Michael Jr.) the film. TMTM Army Member #45, Shane Krider, was Executive Producer. Thanks Michael Jr. and Shane!

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