Shiroko Sokitch

Wow! What a great movie! I was in tears and so inspired at the same time. What a huge gift you’ve given the world. I don’t have a huge list but I take care of many people who suffer from PTSD and will share your movie with them. Many, many blessings on the beautiful work you have done and are doing!
Shiroko S.

This fantastic response came after watching our feature documentary on PTSD: ReSolve: A Guide To Post Traumatic Growth. Please check it out when you have the chance, and share it with anyone you think might find it valuable.

Thank you so much for support, Shiroko!

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  1. Jennifer B Reply

    I so agree with Shiroko, Greg and as you know, I think the wonderful information and inspiration in this documentary is INCREDIBLY helpful to those undergoing trauma of some kind in the present moment. I was lucky enough to see this doco, at the start of 7 months of chemotherapy and it made a huge difference in how I saw that process and how I worked through the process of not only the chemo but its after effects. A MUST SEE for EVERYONE! So much gratitude for all who were involved in making this movie, those who shared personal stories and those who filmed, edited and produced it.

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